Crissy & Eric’s Intimate Wedding Day

Crissy and Eric are two people who truly make me believe marriage is magical.

The pandemic made planning a wedding extra challenging and I was so impressed by how chill they were through the whole process!

Despite being forced to go through a few venue changes because of our good ol’ friend COVID-19, they eventually settled on a gorgeous backyard wedding at Crissy’s parents’ house in San Marcos. The intimate backyard wedding is a trend that started during the pandemic, but I honestly hope it continues forever because there is something so special about them!

Also, Eric’s face when he saw Crissy for the first time during their “first look” was everything!

Crissy’s best friend was their officiant, and they recited the most adorable and heart-felt vows in front of their closest family and friends.

After the ceremony, we all headed to Serpentine Cider in University Heights for a small, private reception with more of their close friends. The owner Sean even created a special wedding cider he debuted for them: he took Crissy’s favorite cider (Sour Cherry) and combined it with Eric’s favorite cider (Raspberry Blackberry) to create Sour Blackberry! It was the perfect drink to honor their new union!

We officially finished their wedding off with a gorgeous portrait session at Balboa Park the next weekend.

I always LOVE this add-on, because the wedding day itself can be SO CRAZY, you often don’t have time to get those best portraits that you want to hang on the walls of your home for years to come. In this case, Balboa Park was a very special place for both of them, but there was no way to fit three different locations into their actual wedding day timeline; plus it gave Crissy a chance to wear that gorgeous dress again before she took it to get cleaned and put away! Eric was also a champ and held off shaving his beard for an extra week so we could do more portraits haha!

I know this gorgeous couple has years of happiness ahead of them, and I’m always just so honored to help capture their special relationship!

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