Whimsical Windansea

Diana and Sam are literally some of the most joyful people I know; this entire shoot was full of laughter!

Sam also gave me the best reason I’ve ever heard for wanting to do a photoshoot together: “No special occasion, Im doing this to prove that I’m dating a hot beautiful woman because people don’t believe me.” I died haha!

This was their first ever couple shoot, so I wanted to make it extra special! I got to the beach a touch early and set up a little picnic happy hour for them, courtesy of Serpentine Cider.

They finished their drinks and then it was time to play on the rocks!

The gorgeous light, the beautiful ocean, the playful energy: I am obsessed with it all!!!!

We did one outfit change and then moved onto the sand for some final photos as the sun showed off its golden rays.

One of my biggest joys as a visual storyteller is when the love two people have for each other OOZES through every photo! This photo is literally SIZZLING!

As the sun set behind the water, Diana and Sam enjoyed a quiet moment together.

We finished off with some super snuggly photos.

I think now everyone will believe Sam when he says he is dating a gorgeous and amazing woman haha! Cheers, you two wonderful people!

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