Baja Babies

I have been living in Mexico since the new year. Rent is so much cheaper here than San Diego, and since we’re staying home all the time it seemed like a good way to save money and practice our Spanish!

Because I can’t be away from animals for long, I volunteered with Los Adoptables. They are an awesome shelter in Ensenada, Mexico fighting the good fight to keep stray, injured, abused and abandoned animals safe. I went down to take photos of some of their dogs who needed to be adopted.

Let me tell you, their dogs are magical. One I fell in love with in particular is Jeff.

Sweet Jeff is a senior German Shepherd, sadly abandoned by his family because he was “too old” and they replaced him with a puppy. Jeff suffered from severe mange, which Los Adoptables is helping him heal from. Despite all that, Jeff is still the happiest boy ever and we made his day by playing fetch with him for a little bit! No one told him he was supposed to be a senior dog!

It was so sad to see how many of these dogs had just been thrown away, but I’m so glad Los Adoptables is here to step in and try to find them the new homes they deserve.

This whole photo session was such a joy to do, but I had no idea it would lead to saving even more lives.

A day later, someone abandoned 9 newborn puppies at Los Adoptables. Newborns require specialized around-the-clock care, and it can be very expensive. I was able to work with a former co-worker at San Diego Humane Society and arrange for them to take the litter in, as long as I could transport them across the border. The team sprang into action!

Los Adoptables cared for the puppies until Barbara and her husband could drive them up to me and Sean in Tijuana. Sadly, two of them passed suddenly in the night.

It was very hard to resist touching and cuddling the puppies, but we didn’t have gloves. Because of their unknown health conditions, fragile immune systems and our own dogs’ health to consider, we kept them in their crate to avoid any potential risks.

We definitely got stopped at the border. We didn’t really have any paperwork on the puppies since they were abandoned and they are too young to receive vaccines. It took about an hour of convincing border patrol that we weren’t trying to sell the puppies, we were trying to save them by taking them to SDHS. Thankfully, a supervisor had a heart and finally let us pass. I don’t know that we would be able to squeak by like that again, and I don’t recommend it, but desperate times.

Once we got to SDHS, foster and medical took over.

The puppies were rushed into the hospital and immediately given fluids, food and a bath. I’m told they perked up right away.

Today they are all in foster, and while they are not out of the woods by any means, we are all hoping they pull through.

I’m also happy to report that a lot of the dogs I photographed at Los Adoptables are now in San Diego, thanks to the amazing work of The Animal Pad. They also plan to return to Ensenada and bring Jeff up to San Diego very soon, and I couldn’t be happier!!!

It feels great to be able to help, but all of these organizations and countless more face uphill climbs against important issues like spay/neuter, vaccinations, adoption, medical care and educating communities. Every donation helps save lives and keeps these rescues open. And if you’re looking to add a rescue to your family, this is a great place to start!

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