Love always finds a way, even in the middle of a pandemic! Wyn and Ian are a perfect example of adapting during COVID-19.

They wanted to get married on their original wedding date, but a big wedding wasn’t a safe option anymore; enter the staff at the San Diego County Clerk’s office! They transformed an empty concession stand just outside the county offices into a “Marriage Hut” since people are not allowed inside the building right now.

Wyn and Ian walked up to the window, completed their marriage paperwork and said their vows, all outside by the gorgeous San Diego Waterfront! It felt intimate, exciting, romantic and triumphant!

The Marriage Hut has helped more than a thousand couples tie the knot during the pandemic. I was there for an hour and saw at least 6 other couples get married!

This type of wild and free love is my favorite; the wedding didn’t matter, these couples just wanted to be together forever. Also, I am OBSESSED with the vibrant color of Wyn’s dress!

I hope they’ll be able to look back on these photos years from now when the pandemic is a distant memory and remember that their love is always worth fighting for!

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