I love surprises and am obsessed with love; when I get a chance to combine the two, it’s my favorite! 

Zack reached out to me because he wanted to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend Chloe. The pandemic forced him to get creative, so he coordinated a surprise engagement with me and her favorite flower shop, Native Poppy. 

I showed up early to Native Poppy, grabbed an apron and tried to “blend in” as an employee! 

As far as Chloe knew, Zack was taking her to get flowers before brunch to celebrate her passing the bar (yay Chloe!). He gave her the bouquet and card he’d arranged to be ready ahead of time and at the end of his note was the sweetest P.S. ever: “Will you marry me?” 

Even with her mask on, I could see the surprise and confusion on Chloe’s face!

Zack dropped onto his knee with the ring and asked again, “Will you?” Of course she said yes! 

One of my favorite things about this cute surprise engagement was that their adorable dog Penny got to be a part of the surprise! She was so patient while her parents kissed! 

 This year has been a doozy, but this was a great reminder that love will always move forward no matter what life throws our way! 

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