The small town of Mossel Bay is absolutely magical. It’s right by the harbor, and has endless charm.


Only about 130,000 people live here, and it wasn’t uncommon to see tractors parked around town, and the restaurants to be built right on the water.

This small city played a huge role in my development as a still photographer with Africa Media. My first breakthrough came a few days after we started our photography course. We went down to The Point Beach in Mossel Bay to shoot a sunset. Simple enough, but I tend to struggle with nature photography because I’m never sure what to focus on, or how to capture the magnificence of the outdoors in a single photograph. It can be very overwhelming. I was getting frustrated after about half an hour of shooting when none of my pictures were what I wanted.


I could feel tears of frustration and feelings of inadequacy creeping in, and I realized I needed to chill out. I put my camera down, stood with my eyes closed, and listened: waves crashing, wind singing, seagulls crying; I looked: the colors in the waves, tiny life bustling in tide pools; I felt: the wind playing with my hair, cooling down after a warm day, faint sea spray on my skin. Ok, cool, I was fine again. Even if I’m never a great photographer, this experience and being this close to nature was certainly reward enough. It was the Original Design mindset.

Just a few minutes later, the sun painted everything with fire and I managed to snap a beautiful photo of a fisherman trying to catch one last fish before everything went dark. This ended up being one of my favorite photos I took in South Africa.


Another highlight from Mossel Bay is going out with White Shark Africa. Seal Island in the bay is a popular hunting spot for young Great White sharks, making it a great spot for cage diving.

Seal Island

The crew spent about an hour trying to attract the sharkies, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be on this particular day.

Trying to attract sharks

We did get a chance to see two humpback whales swimming nearby, breaching and showing off.


Fellow photographer Maddie McGinn

We were also treated to the most delicious rays of sun I have ever seen, cementing in my mind that Mossel Bay is indeed magical.




  1. Wow amazing photos and nice story to it also very emotions shared. Thank you very much. I find the photos very very very good. Thk u for sharing. Light from Switzerland, Tanya

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