Acts of kindness: that seems to be a theme I ran into a lot over the last two weeks.

I did a story about a man turning a crime into an act of kindness, and WOW what an amazing thing!

This world is tough right now, so it’s easy to get in a slump and focus on the negative and how hard life is.

It was during one of these moments when everything was going wrong (while I was trying to do a simple story about gas prices, no less!) that I got unexpected encouragement.

I just got to USA Gasoline on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard in Ocean Beach to start shooting my story, when I got a bunch of gunk on my hand from my tripod. I had nothing to clean it off with, and I didn’t want to wipe it on my clothes, so I was just standing there forlornly looking at my hand like “What the heck do I do with you?”

A man at the pump saw me, came over, and gave me a brand new yellow cloth he’d just bought for himself at Costco, and then let me interview him. It was such a small thing, and it may seem silly, but it absolutely touched me and turned my whole day around. Let’s all be more like Jim Miller. Here’s the story I did with him.


CHALLENGE: Be kind to one another. Do one small act of kindness for someone this week. I think we all need it.

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