When some people find out that I work as a TV news reporter, their first reaction is “Wow, that must be so glamorous!”

Let me tell you, it’s a super fun job, but generally speaking the crews pounding the pavement are running around at break neck speed, sweating our makeup off, and having various panic attacks throughout the day.

Frequently, we make our office in any convenient spot we can find.

A park bench during the Fourth of July

Some of our favorite places include park benches, coffee shops, McDonald’s or just the front seat of our news vehicle – as long as we get one of the bigger crews cars and have room to spread out.

I have also mastered the art of putting makeup on anywhere, in as little as five minutes.

My personal favorite: putting makeup on in the car using my cell phone for a light

I usually get a few minutes before going live to review my scripts and make sure I know what I’m going to say before my story airs. My “studio” changes nightly and is never the same. We also have to watch our backs since we usually go live at night, and that’s when most of the people who like to mess with us are out.

Thank goodness for smart phones!

Our story for the day can be as happy as people celebrating the Fourth of July together…

…Or as sad as a woman losing her life in a fight with her son.

The days go up and down, sad, happy, sad, happy, and you cling to the good stories to get you through the bad ones.

It’s a roller coaster, but it’s such a privilege and honor to tell these people’s stories.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

2 thoughts on “ROVING REPORTER

  1. I knew being a local field reporter wasn’t a glamorous job, unless you’re in the field doing special reports like David Muir, but I assume that’s where you want to be and striving for and this is a necessary part of your job experience to get there. Can’t wait to the time when I can see “20/20 with Bree Stephen”

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