One of the best/worst things about reporting is that you never know what you’re going to face with each new day.

Last Friday, my 10Beard photographer Tim Hahn and I were ambushed with water balloons during a shoot.


While it was mostly a harmless prank, it’s one of those things that leaves you thinking “Why do I put up with this s***?!”

The next night, it was time to get ready for the Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards. An Emmy Award is an American award that recognizes excellence in the television industry. I was nominated in the “On-Camera Talent – Reporter” category, my first individual Emmy nomination, so I was beyond thrilled and nervous! Click here to view my submission. I got all dolled up (sidenote: I bought this dress for $20 at a secondhand store three years ago when I lived in Oklahoma City “just in case I ever needed a formal dress.” I’ve literally been carting it around the country with me waiting for a night like this! Bargain shopping paying off!), forced my husband Crosby to wear a tux and off we went!

My category was announced about an hour and a half in, and it was the most exciting, awful, nerve-wracking, wonderful experience ever. I was so nervous I didn’t touch any of the food served.

Long story short, not only did I win, but so did two of my co-workers from 10News! This is my favorite picture, a candid of Brian Shlonksy, Joe Little, and me hugging right after the announcements.


Brian won in the anchor category, and Joe and I won for our reporting.

I literally don’t remember what I said, but I do owe a lot to my amazing news director Tiffani Lupenski for hiring me, believing in me, polishing me, and helping me get better throughout the two years I’ve been at KGTV.

I also love this guy for not giving up on me when I was super discouraged and considered throwing in the towel on a news career. It was an honor to win in the same category as Joe Little.

I’m a big believer in signs. Even though my trip to the storytelling workshop in Salt Lake City had re-energized me, this night was the final test I had challenged the universe to show me: if I lost, I would take a step back; if I won, I would go full force ahead. IMG_2064Obviously, someone wanted to make it clear that I shouldn’t quit haha!

My station cleaned house: 10News won more statuettes than any other station in the region.

Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good, because the good is never worth missing out on.


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