The lava fields and volcanoes of Iceland are some of the most intriguing things you’ll ever see. They’re lonely and bare, but beautiful and haunting, covered in green peat moss.


We went on a lava cave tour with Lost in Iceland.

I was especially thankful we booked through this company when the owner, Rut, tracked me down on Facebook the night before our tour to make sure we were all ready and knew where to meet our guide the next morning since she hadn’t been able to get ahold of my friend Kim. Talk about being proactive and making sure your guests are taken care of!

We met our tour guide Tania at a nearby hotel, where she had a van waiting. Amazingly, there was only Kim, another guy named Paul (also from Southern California!), and myself on the tour, so it felt like we got a private showing!


It was about a 20 minute drive to the lava cave, and the view was spectacular.


You know I had to rep my 10News shirt, right?


Tania handed out our helmets and headlamps, and then we were off!

Tania guided us through the darkness and the twists and turns. At times, we had to crawl to squeeze through tight spaces, and I was very thankful for our helmets! Without them we would have hurt our heads for sure on the sharp cave ceiling. It was surprisingly warm inside the cave, and by the end I had taken my coat, sweater, and scarf off and tied them around my waist.

We saw formations caused by thousands of years of dripping water and minerals that the locals jokingly called “troll droppings.”

Towards the end, Tania had us turn off all our lights, and it was so dark, I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed.

She also showed us the “end of the road,” which were remains of a sheep that had wandered into the cave hundreds of years ago, and was never able to find its way out.

I got turned around several times during the tour, so I’m sure I would have ended up like that sheep if we didn’t have Tania’s guidance.



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