I’m lazy, but I’m also very efficient so I ultimately have more time to be lazy.

I got engaged December 4, 2016. Crosby is not only as handsome as he is sweet, he also runs with my whims.


I was never the girl that dreamed about her wedding from age five. We also live in San Diego, one of the most expensive cities in America, so getting married cheap was super important to me.

Being the efficient [lazy] woman that I am, I found this dress on Amazon for about $60, and absolutely loved it.


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.34.57 PM

I did the whole wedding dress shopping experience with my best friend Kim at The Dress Theory in Mission Hills. We had a blast!


If money was no problem, this dress would have been the one; but I couldn’t bring myself to spend almost $4000 on something I would wear once.

The more planning I did, the more panicked I got. Weddings are too expensive, our families too scattered, and my mind too indecisive.

So we made it simple.


The day after I got back into town from the Las Vegas Spartan Race, we scheduled Pink Feather Photography to take pre-elopement pictures because we couldn’t get an appointment at the courthouse to get married until the next morning at 8:00 – and who wants to wake up early enough to look glamorous for an 8:00 appointment?!

Brianna did my gorgeous makeup and while on our way to get my hair done at 2:30pm, I called the courthouse just to see if there were any last-minute openings. They said a 4:00pm spot had just opened up and it was ours if we wanted! I messaged Sara and she rushed down to the courthouse to be there to take our elopement pictures.

Everything fell right into place.








It was gloriously easy and intimate and fun! We left the courthouse and headed to Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach.


Oh and did I mention we love our dogs?


Crosby and I first met at Dog Beach, so we credit them with bringing us together: Niko, Byron, and Peggy.


It was the perfect day.




13 thoughts on “WILD WEDDING

      1. I hope to meet you too! Crosby has nothing but awesome things to say about you guys! We want to visit New Zealand and Australia soon!


    Your story is so adorable and amazing. You look and sound so happy! These pictures are beautiful.
    I’m so happy everything fell into place for you and Hubby! Glad you and your pups found each other!


  2. Beautiful! I have no doubt you definitely made him the happiest man on earth! congrats and wishing you all 5 much love and happiness!


    1. Thank you so much!!!! I couldn’t imagine having to entertain guests on our day! We went to dinner after with just the two of us and it was amazing!


  3. My husband Jason and I did the same thing.. I had been married before with the big wedding and while the wedding was perfect the marriage imploded from day one!

    When Jason, my best friend from teenage years entered my life post divorce I just wanted a life with him and the wedding was less about the party and about us.

    We eloped Dec. 28 2010 and didn’t tell anyone but best friends for almost 3 years. When we did spill the beans everyone responded with love.

    We will celebrate 7 years this year and he is my best friend and that is the best thing!

    Congratulations! Have a lifetime of love!


    1. What a beautiful story!!!!!!! Congratulations you two love birds!!! That’s exactly what Crosby and I want to build together!


    1. The dress was amazing, because I could run around on the cliffs without worrying about getting it dirty since I didn’t really pay that much for it anyway! That really helped keep all the important things in perspective that day since I really wasn’t worried about ruining my dress ha ha!


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