Some of my New Year’s resolutions are to try things that scare me, and not be so concerned with being tired. I am, at my core, a very lazy person.

In January, I interviewed some amazing people from the group SoCal eXploration & adventure who were picking up trash ahead of a storm so it wouldn’t wash into the ocean. My kind of people!

Interviewing SoCalX!

One of the girls, Annika, invited me to run a Spartan Race in Lake Elsinore, about an hour north of San Diego. Since I was already training for a half marathon at that point, I thought I’d give it a try!

Disclosure: Spartan Races are expensive. I registered for the Sprint, which is 3-5 miles of 15-20 obstacles and it cost me around $150.

Saturday rolled around, and I almost backed out because meeting people you don’t really know at a place you’ve never been to is scary. I couldn’t justify throwing away the $150 I spent to register for the race though (a benefit of the high cost if you need extra motivation like me!), and away I went!

I loved it!

With the first race, I was hooked!

I will say this: ANYONE can do a Spartan Race. It’s not about coming in first, being in shape or even completing all the obstacles. It’s about learning how strong you are and making great friends. Definitely plan for a day or two to recover after your first race though; I called into work sick on Monday because I literally couldn’t move!

My next challenge was the Las Vegas Spartan Race! Once again, I went with Annika and Elizabeth to run a Spartan Super – 8 miles with 30 obstacles. I was very scared because it was a more challenging race than the Sprint.

I was surprised it was awesome!

Annika and I walked most of the course, and I was able to complete probably 60% of the obstacles (Looking at you, rope climb and monkey bars…I’m coming for you someday).

Look at how much fun the dunk wall was.

dunk wall
Mud everywhere!

And the fire wall is always fun [terrifying].

fire jump1
Just close your eyes and jump!

Tips for longer races: BRING A HYDRATION PACK! The course has water stations set up along the way, but I felt like I would have been miserable without the extra water. We also put snacks in Ziploc bags and put them in our packs to give us energy. If you don’t want to get your pack muddy, take it off and leave it to the side of an obstacle until you finish it.

We finished the course in 4 hours!

Got our medals and recovery drinks!

Try a Spartan Race! There is usually a Groupon floating around for a discount, or if you buy more than one race at a time you can get a deal through their website.

Annika, Bree, and Elizabeth.

And in case you can’t read it, my shirt says “Everything hurts and I’m dying.”

Happy hurting!

A quick stop at the Valley of Fire on our way back made for a perfect trip.


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