I have always liked running, but I haven’t always been good at it. I started training again in January for the San Diego Half Marathon March 17.

You can totally do it, just make sure to stick to a running plan so you don’t injure yourself. I used a training program by Hal Higdon.

This is my favorite half marathon because how can you be miserable when you get to run by amazing views like this?! San Diego, you pretty.

San Diego skyline

My fiance Crosby and I killed it race day! And by killed it, I mean we ran the whole thing without stopping and finished in two and a half hours. We look disgustingly happy for two people running 13.1 miles. Ugh.

Mile 6

It still felt great, and the Bloody Mary at the end felt just as good.

Bloody Mary is my go-to race recovery drink!

3 thoughts on “RUNNING REDHEAD

    1. You should run in a race called The Surfing Madonna! It’s a beach run in Encinitas, and it’s at Moonlight Beach! You run right along the water so it’s beautiful! They have the option of a 5k, 10k, or 15k, so it’s a good race to get your feet wet!


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